1. If you love tie-dye then you are sure to love this chair! Designed by Fredrik Paulsen, the Rainbow coloured easy chair is sure to catch some attention. Its big, bright and beautiful.  


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  3. Only one more month until Clerkenwell Design Week comes center stage here in London to celebrate all things design.  Make sure to register for the weeks events and stay up to date on the current trends flooding the design industry. Taking place between May 22-24th with over 60 design showrooms to open their doors as well as more architects per square mile than anywhere in the world you will be in the center of the design community. This is an event not to be missed! 


  4. This is a great idea by Johanna Dehio. Making stools that can be transformed into a bench or table.  The series called ‘Hockerbank’ is inspired by makeshift seating consisting of stools supplemented by a plank with circular holes cut out. These pieces would be great outside when you want to disassemble your furniture and store it for the winter. Also easy to move and take to just about anywhere. Perhaps put them in the back of your jeep and take camping? (Of course make sure the wood is treated first.) The possibilities are endless! 


  5. These acoustic panels are really cute. It reminds me of a project I’m currently working on. Very cool and I love the three dimensional look you can create. 


  6. Take Me Here

    Take me here.

    I love this sun room.  Most people think sun rooms have to be bright and filled with colour for summer. That works, but this works too! I love the contrast in colour and textures. Anyone could do this with a fairly low budget making it a great summer project. Now if only I could find out where those amazing tables came from?


  7. Cafe Trays By David Rasmussen

    I’m currently in love with these trays by David Rasmussen based out of Colorado.  


  8. ""There are so many beautiful things in the world and so many ways to put them together, I just can’t make up my mind." - Joel Chan as read in Elle Decor April 2012"

  9. This is such a clever idea. Recycling can be beautiful.

    This is a wonderful idea by Melbourne based artist Daryl Fitzgerald. Objects that appear to be one thing and in fact are another appeal to me. I love stumbling across the unexpected.